Disney Infinity's Marvel Super Heroes preorders had a bonus!

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Disney Infinity's Marvel Super Heroes preorders had a bonus!

Postby leopard » Tue Sep 30, 2014 2:03 pm

It was a pretty exciting week at Gamestop as September ended, but felt like a comic con or better as I didn't preorder or even know about Disney Infinity's Marvel Super Heroes preorders getting a bonus character code thing with the toy pack included, but I still got my preorder of Hyrule Warriors the same week with a preorder of the strategy guide too, which they said may not come back to the store like how the Mario Kart 8 wheels did. And I found and bought a rare Mario Kart 8 wheel last night at Target, that amazingly wasn't gobbled up first come first serve style as it laid on the racks for 3 days or more!!

I'm a comic book guy, and missing out on the Marvel Super Heroes game hurt me a bit, but I would've known about it if I didn't stop going to malls and reading my Game Informers all summer. I just read about it this month into page 40 or something, lol. But I can still buy the Marvel Super Heroes game, and pass it. It's a must buy, and have.

How'd you guys feel about it?? Any of you guys buy it on preorder or not?? Comic book guys/gals too?? Lol. :lol:
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