I'm going to buy my third video game this year!! (Toad WiiU)

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I'm going to buy my third video game this year!! (Toad WiiU)

Postby leopard » Thu Jun 18, 2015 1:51 pm

Lol. I bought Zelda Hyrule Warriors in September, and then Smash Bros in December, and now Toad today!!! Comic Con's coming up in less than 3 weeks now too!! E3 just happened this month in mid June!!! I've read not all of my Game Informer magazines, but enough. I took some months off somehow since May 2014 to around late 2014, but kept on reading. Lately, the Nintendo Kirby video game came out, which looked beautiful (I'd love to see the credits!! Lol). Metal Gear Solid got delayed, but will come out this September, but things shook up with the creative crew that went sorta sour. I just keep on reading my Game Informers to stay in tune with the gamer's minds for gamer conversations!! Lol.

My buddy plays his video games too, and likes it when I buy new games!!!! Lol. I really like this game Timespinner too. It looks great. Feel free to leave a comment after this year went by. Lol. :D
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