Orb Style Poll!

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What type of Orb Setup should Lunais have?

Keep the current setup (2 Duplicate Melee Orbs, 1 Separately Equipped Spell Orb)
2 Mismatched Melee Orbs, 1 Separately Equipped Spells Orb
2 Mismatched Melee Orbs, Spell Orb is dictated by combination of Melee Orbs (Order of Ecclesia Style)
Total votes : 18

Re: Orb Style Poll!

Postby Jarno » Sat Dec 26, 2015 7:54 am

Cool i like it this way :D
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Re: Orb Style Poll!

Postby MetalShadowOverlord » Sat Dec 26, 2015 12:53 pm

ThatLlamaGirl wrote:3:Orb mixing as in option 2, but the spell orb would no longer be equippable. Instead, the type of spell you cast would depend on which two orbs you've equipped for left and right hands. For example, though we might not implement it this specific way, if you equipped one fire orb and one blade orb the spell would be flame daggers.

I wish I had withheld my vote until I saw this, or else I'd have voted for 3. This options offers a great deal of variety, but Option 2 still offers a lot as well. I'll be happy whichever one Bodie goes with.
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