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Resources to help create pixel art

Postby houseton » Sun Dec 06, 2015 6:47 pm

Hello all who still are here and those who might come after! Thought I just put together some links for resources for pixel art. Seeing as Timespinner is a throwback to late SNES era games, it is 16bit meaning it has a distinctive view!
This is what Bodie is going for according to him:
Characters are 16 colors max, collision tiles are around 8-12 colors, background tiles are 4-8.

Some other stuff:
Bodie on creating something similar look wise to Timespinner:
"A - Study art styles and techniques from sources that I like (look at pixel art from Tactics, SotN and other Castlevanias, and Pixel Artists from twitter (check out #pixeldailies or to find good artists to learn from!)
B - Look at reference photos of what you want to draw (ie: Google Image Search what I'm drawing. Usually stuff like "Forest" or "Mossy Castle", etc). Save reference photos locally to look through before drawing. Get inspired!
C - Draw! Feel free to look at your ref photos to get ideas.
D - Repeat steps A-C. By having tried to draw something, you'll notice new things in art + real life that you can use in your art." - Bodie

So I'll try and make sure this list stays accurate and that the links don't break. I don't want to hotlink to specific stuff, so I will try and link to the main website if I can for the resource.

idraw3 (Free)
(You can find it by a simple search)

Graphics Gale (Free)

Adobe Photoshop [Version] ($$$)
Tons of different versions. Creative Cloud is the latest but not necessarily the greatest

MS Paint (Free w/ Windows)
(Just search for it in your programs if you have windows)

GIMP (Free) (Free)

Pro Motion ($$)

Pixie (Free/Online)


Pixel Art Tutorials:
Great little tutorial on creating your first character and animating too in Photoshop
Tutorials about specific aspects of creation
Great tutorial on going from idea to finished product. Using Photoshop but the actual tutorial is not program specific. Maker of Splunky
Fantastic Tutorial, a bit overwhelming as it goes over a lot of concepts.

Pixel Art:
One provided by Bodie himself. Has pixelart from across a wide range! Get inspired!!
Same person who did the tutorials above. Original site in Russian but they translated it. Menu on left has a bunch of different things.

Game Resources (Free):
Great site to check out for some royalty free art assets. You probably won't be able to build a complete game but you might be able to grab a main character or enemies or get inspired! Most just need attribution in your credits to use.

Game Resources (Paid):
(If something looks really good, I'll post it but otherwise I'm going to be trying to find royalty free)

Indie games:
(Just some games that do pixelart well)

Cave Story (action platformer shooter) $$ 1/2$
Was originally free, quite possibly the free version exists somewhere, but it's on Steam/Nintendo
Great graphics, story and music all done by one guy. Did I mention I absolutely love Grasstown theme? Cave Story + which you can toggle updated graphics/music [I like the original for both]

Anodyne (top down Zelda-style games) $$
Pretty decent game, kinda dark in the storytelling. Haven't beat it yet but it's on the list!

Xeno Tactic/Xeno Tactic 2 (Tower defence) Free
(Search for the name, it's a free flash game. Many sites will come up)

Risk of Rain(Action/Platformer/Roguelike) $$
A kickstarter success. The longer you play the harder it gets. Music is amazing and really fun/challenging!
Lots of items to find and augment your player with.


If anyone has anything to add we can make a master list, please post below with the url and a little blurb about what it is. For the indie games please stick to pixel art games that are indie based.

Also for Pixel Art, the best way to get better. PRACTISE PRACTISE PRACTISE! Once a day or 3 times a week every week! You'll get better and better:)
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