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Postby houseton » Tue Dec 01, 2015 4:34 pm

Hello all,

Houseton from the stream. Thought it'd be better to post in here than the stream all the ideas. Just want to get them down. Watching Bodie create just the orb pedestal got the imagination flowing :)


Idea 1:
Cut Scene idea (involving concentric circles and the timespinner ;))

Lunais comes upon ruins(?) and sees a raised area, she feels like she is guided forward and steps up the dais.
When she gets to the middle she sees a pattern of concentric circles on the ground with intricate filigree around the outside ;)

Suddenly the rings start rotating up toward her. There are 3 and they start revolving faster and faster becoming a blur. The air becomes charged and and suddenly it seems as if Lunais has been ejected outside of reality while simultaneously existing within it. Energy sparks into the concentric rings and a gateway appears, though Lunais somehow knows that it has always existed.
Her body explodes into energy and reshapes itself in a void. Through this gateway she sees all of time and reality itself curling and flowing into the infinite.

She has to relive her family and friends being murdered but she also gets whisked by her most treasured memories. Emotions break through and flood her but vengeance burns brightest of them all and she flies towards an unknown planet in a rainbow hue. /scene

So camera wise, it's side scrolling when she enters and mounts the dias. Once she is in the center, a perspective shift to top down happens to show the rings on the dias, emphasizing the filigree ;)

The rings start moving while still in this top-down view but then switch back as the rings start to speed up.

Back to side view, it would almost look like a transparent orb surrounds Lunais as the rings are moving at a blinding speed. Small lines of energy would start flowing toward the orb and the star background gateway would open.

It would then be really hard, in that the game would have had to be made in a 3D plane like you see in Unity where the level would rotate on the Z-axis slightly so you'd see flatness of the 2D world but Lunais would have multiple different colour copies extend infront of her and behind her like shadows of herself... Suddenly the copies all fly into the middle one and explode in energy into the gateway (still in the offset Z view)...

Then it'd kind be like Chrono Trigger when they time travel.
Her landing on the planet would be kinda like Megaman X... Solid beam, but Lunais would be kneeling and dust would fly up from where she landed or leaves or something like that...


Idea 2
Cut Scene: Inside the Space-Time Research division of Lachiem

Scientist type sitting at monitors clicking away.
"Hmmm.... If an entity could be of the 5th dimension, it'd be able to see all of time and choose when/where it insert itself into it... But the act of doing so would cause ripples and possible fracture the very fabric of space and time, unless it overwrote time itself and then cause time to have followed it's set path instantaneously to stop any paradoxes..."

More obvious hand motions of typing

Suddenly alarms start flashing and red lights start spinning

Startled the scientist gets up and sprints to a bank of machines by the wall. Furiously punching in keys.

"This doesn't make any sense... This can't be! A space-time anomaly... This is greater than even I imagined. A 5th dimensional being as torn through. If I can reverse the ripples..." The scientist types like mad.
"Yes, in the old ruins on the outskirts."
The alarms are still blazing, she runs over to wall and pulls a switch. The alarms' stop.
"I must tell the Emperor at once!"
She goes to open up the door and another colleague pushes her in.
"Lola what is going on! Why were the alarms going off, are we under attack!?!"
The original scientist, Lola, gets up off the ground. "Hilda, a space-time anomaly has appeared in the old ruins! I must tell the Emperor, a 5th dimensional being has come through!"

Hilda: Are you sure? We've had false positives before! We can't be wrong about this, or we'll lose funding and face.
Lola nods excitedly
Lola: Yes I'm sure! This time it's real. The quantum signature is just like we theorized! Imagine the potential Hilda of communicating with a 5th dimensional being!
Hilda slowly smiles and nods, light glinting off her glasses
Hilda: Yes, imagine...
Quickly pulling a dagger from her pocket she shoves it into Lola. A surprised and hurt face blossoms on Lola.
Lola: Why....
Hilda twists the dagger.
Hilda: Imagine the power!!
Hilda drags the body to a nearby closet and stuffs it inside. She then grabs a portable pad and starts mashing furiously.

To herself, "Just need to download the tracking data..."

She smiles and another glint shines off her glasses. "Imagine!"
She starts laughing manically as she sets a fire and walks out.

End scene

Idea 3:
Boss idea. A boss that somehow has time stop like power or that can still move when time stops. Meaning you can't hurt them unless you have your stop time ability active. Would have to have stuff in boss room to top up ability....

Could also be that the Boss shifts between stopped time and regular time and to hurt them you have to be in the right mode. Could also be parts of the boss go in between, appendages... Ones that keep moving even in stopped time.

Maybe something immobile, with platforms that blink in and out to jump and hit at a weak spot near the top of the screen. Like Kraid....


Idea 4:
Lunais high jump. Maybe a high jump in which her orbs fly towards the ground and she launches higher than a double jump. She wouldn't be able to double jump after a high jump and it'd use some of her time stop ability meter.


Idea 5:

Idle animation. Balances on one foot on one of the orbs and the other orb on her head.


Idea 6:

Places in the world where she can there is an object she interacts with and can channel and reverse time... So like a crumbled statue or a door that is shut opens. Basically a way to gate areas.


end of idea stream, Dec 1st
{More ideas later}

Thanks for reading :)
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Re: Idea stream

Postby Bodie » Tue Dec 01, 2015 11:12 pm

Hey Houseton, good to see you on the forums!

These are some cool ideas :D I'm not sure they will all fit, but I'll keep them in mind as I'm working on the game :D

Is there going to be more information stream dump? :D
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Re: Idea stream

Postby houseton » Wed Dec 02, 2015 10:40 am

Bodie wrote:Hey Houseton, good to see you on the forums!

These are some cool ideas :D I'm not sure they will all fit, but I'll keep them in mind as I'm working on the game :D

As for more, I'm not sure... It's my Achilles heel. I get really pumped and ideas start flowing, but I can't get myself into that mood. If I watch the streams it might. I did have coffee yesterday and I don't drink coffee hahaha

Is there going to be more information stream dump? :D

Oh I didn't post so you'd put them in the game. It's why I chose the Community Playground to post in!
You have your vision for your game and I'd hope you'd stick to it mostly and filter out crap like this. I use the word crap lightly!

These are just ideas that pop into my head, nothing more :)

I think getting down ideas and not letting them fade away into the back of your head is a good technique. It might get someone else thinking for their own game!
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