Demo Was Amazing. A Few Fun Suggestions.

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Demo Was Amazing. A Few Fun Suggestions.

Postby Northstar » Thu Apr 19, 2018 9:31 pm

First off, if you do none of what I'm about to write, I think this game will already be an A++. Everything is so well done, and honors the classics in the BEST fashion possible. That said, if you are up for it, consider the following

For me, one of the big part of the classics was the cheats and bizarre secrets.
Up C, Down C, Left C, Right C in Sonic
Hitting select while accessing the map in Zelda: Links Awakening
Finding the Hadeoken in Megaman X
Paintball Mode in Golden 007

It's the creative and random things that go down in history as AWESOME

And soooo... consider the following

1. Talking to a certain villager at the start of the game 47 times gives you an overpowered familiar you can take with you the whole game

2. Lunais can find and use a hoverboard... because that would be amazing

3. Using the EXTREMELY HIDDEN hoverboard, you can ride across an otherwise impassable sea to a time portal that takes you to the house of the games creator, who is working on Timespinner. Day of the Tentacle fashion, you can make suggestions to him that CHANGE the game when you go back in time (everything is in negative scale, Lunais has a baseball cap... something amusing :D )

4. Make a password that unlocks "Christmas Mode": Lunais has a Santa Hat, has snowballs instead of orbs, and other enemies and levels have been changed for the holidays

Just for fun. And even if you don't, like I said, this game is already going to be amazing.

We need a merch link on

Solid job man. Can't wait to play the full game!
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Re: Demo Was Amazing. A Few Fun Suggestions.

Postby Bodie » Thu Apr 19, 2018 10:07 pm

Thanks, Northstar! :D :D Glad you like it so far!!

Only time will tell if any of your suggestions make it in ;)
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